Create Your Own Life Story

In Time for Christmas, Create Your Own Book

Product Information

Cherish and preserve your memories by creating your own stylish photo book with your pictures.

Shutterfly can turn your own personal story into a professionally bound photo book that’s perfect for you. Your own personally publised book can be a great way to keep your favorite memories close.  Shutterfly’s unique, high-quality custom photo books make wonderful gifts for special occasions or will help you to preserve your fondest memories.

Whether you want to create a baby photo book, a journal of a favorite vacation, a wedding album, or a school yearbook, Shutterfly has the book for you at a price you can afford.  The stories you can tell are endless. Here are just a few suggestions*:

  • Create a wedding photo album or a baby memory book.
  • Create a portfolio book of your children’s art.
  • Create a seasonable photo album.
  • Write a birthday book.
  • Chronicle a loved one’s life and publish it for the family on a milestone birthday or anniversary.
  • Create a family recipe book.
  • Create a memoir of your involvement with a favorite group, such as youth group, orchestra or band, Boy Scouts, or other group.
  • Tell the world about your favorite teacher. Get the class to chip in an publish enough books for the whole class.
  • Who’s your favorite hero or other inspirational person in your life.
  • Write a story about your favorite pet.

Shutterfly gives you five different sizes to choose from and a variety of cover options and unique backgrounds. You then fill your pages with your story. Make your memory book unique with your own title and favorite photo on the cover or select from premium leather options.

You might expect a custom project like this to be very costly, but Shutterfly can produce your own personal story Starting at $12.99 for a FULL COLOR 20 page book!

There are many options and add-ons to fit just about any budget. Additional pages start at only fifty cents.

*When writing your story, please ensure you are not infringing on any copyrights or invading anyone’s privacy. 

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